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10 Best Instagram Story Saver App | Instagram Story Download


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Instagram stories have become a dynamic way to share your daily adventures, thoughts, and creative content with your audience. However, what if you want to save these ephemeral moments beyond their 24-hour lifespan? This is where Instagram Story saver apps come into play. These apps allow you to easily save, download, and revisit the stories of your friends and favorite accounts. In this article, we’ll dive into the 10 best Instagram Story saver apps that provide a seamless way to preserve your cherished moments.

Instagram Stories have transformed the way we share moments and connect with others. However, the ephemeral nature of these stories can sometimes leave us wanting more, especially when we wish to relive those special memories. Instagram Story saver apps have emerged as a solution to this, allowing users to save and archive stories for later viewing.

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Why Use Instagram Story Saver Apps?

Instagram itself doesn’t offer a built-in feature to download and save Stories posted by other users. This is where third-party Instagram Story saver apps step in. These apps provide a convenient way to save stories from public accounts, allowing users to revisit them without any time limitations.

10 Best Instagram Story Saver Apps For Android

Here is the list of best Instagram story saver apps for Android.

1. Video Downloader for Instagram

The most popular application on the Google Play market for downloading Instagram reels is Video Downloader for Instagram.

  • It has simple UI design and easy to download
  • It has over 50 million downloads and very positive feedback from users.
  • It has a dedicated Trending section to download trending Instagram reels with just one click.
  • There are different categories to download directly like Movies, Sports, fashion, etc
  • You can download the content directly by pasting url
  • Free version allows only 3 download, further you can download by watching 5 Videos (Ads)

2. Video downloader for Instagram

The next app on our list to download Instagram stories is Video Downloader for Instagram.

  • It has a simple and easy-to-use interface, but its functionalities are limited.
  • You need to paste the url to download the reels, stories or photos.
  • The app are available both Android and iOS.

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3. Video Downloader for Instagram

Video Downloader For Instagram – The Highlight Story Saver app lets users save pictures and videos from Instagram highlights and stories.

  • With this app, you can save profile pictures and keep all of your movies, images, stories, and highlights.
  • Apart from downloading the reels and stories, it also allows you to generate hashtags, captions, and other features.
  • The biggest feature of this app is that you can make amazing DP, College, Edit Stories, and more within the applications.

4. Instore: Story, Reels Saver

Another app that lets you to download Instagram material is Instore – Story, Reels Saver.

  • Like others it allow you to download videos, post, reeals, stories and others in your phone to watch offline whenever you want.
  • In addition to the photographs and videos, the application retains Instagram tags, text, and other information.

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5. Insta Video & Story downloader

The Insta Video & Story Downloader is designed to save content from Instagram and IGTV. It is one of the most effective Instagram story saving apps for Android.

  • The application allows you to save photos, videos, and stories from the social networking site to your smartphone.
  • When you download images from the carousel, all photographs submitted to the article are immediately saved.
  • The tool allows you to view and copy posts, tags, images, articles, and videos.
  • Both the posting date and the number of likes may be found.
  • It allows you to immediately share entries or republish them on your page.
  • This software allows you to save any Instagram content, including IGTV videos.

6. Video Downloader for Instagram

Video Downloader for Instagram It is one of the most effective Instagram story saving apps for Android.

  • It offers a basic user interface and is simple to download.It offers a basic user interface and is simple to download.
  • To download the reels, tales, or images, you must paste the website.
  • It allows you to instantly share or republish entries on your page.
  • The software allows you to manage your whole library.

7. Story Downloader & IGSaver

The IGSaver app is designed to transfer Instagram photos and videos to your smartphone.

  • It allows you to download images and films to your mobile device, whether they are your own or someone else’s.
  • The app allows you to download publications in their original quality.
  • It has an integrated gallery that displays the downloaded stuff. Photos and videos can be viewed separately.
  • All files are saved to the phone’s internal memory and can be accessed offline.

8. Video Downloader – Story Saver

Video Downloader – Story Saver is great story saver application, you can download from play store.

  • It has a simple user interface and is easy to download.
  • You must copy and paste the webpage in order to download the reels, stories, or photographs.
  • The app offers both a subscription plan with unlimited downloads and an ad-free option.

How to Use Instagram Story Saver Apps

Using these apps is typically straightforward:

  1. From the app store, download and install the selected app.
  2. Browse and select the story you want to save.
  3. Tap the “Save” or “Download” button, depending on the app’s interface.
  4. Access your saved stories within the app’s interface.

Benefits of Using Story Saver Apps

  • Preserving Memories: Story saver apps ensure that your cherished memories are not lost due to the temporary nature of Instagram Stories.
  • Offline Viewing: Save stories and view them offline whenever you want, without the need for an internet connection.
  • Easy Sharing: Some apps offer the option to repost saved content, allowing you to share your favorite stories with your followers.

Privacy and Etiquette

While these apps provide a convenient way to save stories, it’s essential to respect the privacy and rights of content creators. Only use these apps for personal enjoyment and avoid infringing upon others’ intellectual property.


Instagram Story saver applications have become essential for users who wish to store and relive their favourite moments on Instagram. With so many alternatives accessible, you may choose an app that meets your interests and needs. Investigate these applications to ensure that your most cherished Instagram Stories are never lost to the sands of time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are these apps safe to use?

Yes, the apps mentioned in this article are considered safe to use. However, it’s recommended to download them from reputable app stores to ensure you’re getting the official and secure versions.

Can I save stories from private accounts?

Most of these apps can only save stories from public accounts. If you want to save stories from private accounts, you typically need to follow the account to gain access.

Are these apps available for both Android and iOS?

Yes, the majority of the apps listed in this article are available for both Android and iOS devices, ensuring that users from different platforms can enjoy the benefits of story saving.

Can I repost stories using these apps?

Absolutely, many of these apps offer the option to repost saved stories. This can be particularly useful if you find a story that you’d like to share with your followers.

Do these apps require my Instagram credentials?

Yes, Some of these apps usually require you to log in with your Instagram credentials to access and save stories.

Do these apps negatively impact the original content creator?

No, using story saver apps for personal use should not negatively impact the original content creator as long as the saved content is not redistributed without permission.

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